Apple has officially launched iOS 9 beta 4, OS X El Capitan beta 4 and watchOS 2 beta 4

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Shortly after the announcement of the financial report of Q3 / 2015, Apple has released 3 update versions. They are iOS 9 beta 4, OS X El Capitan beta 4 and watchOS 2 beta 4 for the programmers. Overall, the updates this time is almost focused on bug fixes and brings small improvements compared to the previous iOS 9 beta.


Some changes on the iOS 9 beta 4 this time:

- The icons of the Notifications and Battery have been refreshed in Settings.

- New Handoff interface on iOS 9 beta 4.

- Apple Music has added the Home Sharing feature which ever disappeared on iOS 9 beta beta 3.

- Podcast feature allows listening to music while working on the same screen.

- New select photos interface on the web.

- Taking photos by Volume button is back after disappearing on iOS 9 beta 3.

- Small changes in Apple Music, Artwork display larger image.


 Besides, two other updates are OS X El Capitan beta 4 and watchOS 2 beta 4 also given to the programmers. However, currently, Apple has not yet announced the changes on these updates. According to some users, watchOS 2 beta 4 will help equipment operate more stably.

Currently, users can download the 3 updates through OTA conventional protocol, and developer accounts were registered previously.

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