Buyers are Ready to Pay 100 $ More for a Large iPhone 6

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Now the fashion for big smartphones with screen sizes above 5 inches, so to speak, blame this Android-phone manufacturers that produce a large variety of devices. Earlier on our site, was given the statistics, where more than half of smartphone owners expressed their desire to buy fablet screen from 5 to 7 inches . Then Apple executives says that consumers want something yet have Cupertinovtsy. So soon we’ll witness the emergence of a large iPhone.


A recent survey by the name RBC Capital Markets . In this study, it was reported that 25% of people willing to buy the iPhone 6 willing and able to pay a premium of 100 $ to buy “planshetofon“. But we need to make a correction: we are talking about models that are sold under the contract.

It is worth noting that analysts from the firm Pacific Crest recently claimed that using the iPhone 6 , Apple may increase the price of its smartphones in retail. The main thing – to avoid falling gross margin, which could be detected with the advent of iPhone 5s .

Many analysts believe that, as buyers of technology from Apple – wealthy people, they have no problem will overpay $ 100 for a top model . Also, you can recall the situation with iPhone 5c: buyers overpaid 100 $ and bought an aluminium model, rather than a smartphone with a plastic body.

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