How To Fix Skype App Not Loading On iPad

Skype is currently one of the most popular messaging apps for both personal and business purposes. Skype allows you to make free video calls, share files and send instant messages with anyone in your

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How to fix caller ID not working on iPhone XR

One of the important features on an iPhone is Caller ID. This feature isn’t always free of charges since some service providers require the subscription and payment for the service. In iPhone running on

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How to Change Keyboard Layout on Mac Devices

Most of us like to use QWERTY keyboard layout because of its popularity. However, it does not mean this input source fits into everyone’s needs when customization gets the need of the hour. MacOS

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How to sync your text messages to iCloud

From the iOS 11.4 version, Apple has added Messages in iCloud feature, which can help to encrypt all your iMessage and SMS messages, sync them between Apple devices. Messages in iCloud also allows you

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How to Fix Error Code -43 on MacOS

Aside from Windows, Mac is the most popular operating systems. And similar to Windows, this operating system still experiences a fair share of errors. A common error faced by many Mac users is the

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Common iOS 12.1.2 Problems And Their Fixes

The iOS 12.1.2 update includes fixes for a number of problems, but iOS users have still discovered problems in this public update. The current list of problems in iOS 12.1.2 is screen time problem,

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How To Find UDID On Apple iPhone XR

Due to unknown reasons, iTunes no longer shows UDID of the new iPhone XR, unlike earlier models like iPhone 8 Plus. However, you should not worry, as there are still a few workarounds to overcome

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