How to get Legit Manufacturing Information of Apple Products iPhone, Mac, iPad

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So to Clear your Doubts about the originality of Apple Products you’re buying online here is an easy method for you .

Find Apple Product iPhone, iPad, Mac, iPod Information in Detail for Free and Easy :


  • You don’t need any kind of steps or procedures for this tutorial 




  • and Enter your Serial No there and 
  • Hit  “Show the Information
  • and the information you’ll get 

Information You’ll Get from The Serial No of Apple Products :

Model introduced: Year
Serial number: XXXXXXXXXXX

Number of lookups done last 30 days: 0
You will be limited to 10 lookups per 30 days. 

Nice Name: Model Name (Year)
Machine Model: Hardware
Name: product Name (Generation)
ModelCode: Model Code
Family name: Belonging
Group1: iDevice
Group2: Touch
Generation: 4
Screen size: 
Screen resolution: 
Colour: Black
Production year: 
Production week: 
Model introduced: Year
Capacity: GB
Memory – flavour: 
Factory: CC (China)
External link: Repair guide by iFixit

External link: Technical specifications by 
External link: Rapid Repair sells parts and performs repairs for this iPod 

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    June 25, 2016 at 5:41 am

    I want to know about iphonen manufacturing company

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