How to Enable Messages in iCloud Feature in iOS 11.4 and macOS High Sierra

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iCloud supporting for the Messages app has finally been available in iOS 11.4. Both iOS and MacOS users can enable “Messages in Cloud” to secure your conversations, attachments and all shared images better.

Managing iMessage has become plain sailing, thanks to iCloud. For example, if you delete unnecessary conversations on your iPhone, the result would take effect on other devices like your Mac or iPad. Besides offering better security to your messages, it can also free up precious storage on your device.


How To Enable Messages on iCloud on iPhone/iPad in iOS 11.4

  • Messages in iCloud will save your entire iMessages, SMS texts, attachments, and images.
  • When you sign in your Apple ID on a new iPhone, your new iPhone will also get all of your messages history.
  • Your messages will be protected with end-to-end encryption.
  • You have to turn on “Two-Factor Authentication” in order to sync your message with iCloud. So, remember to get it done first.

Step 1. First of all, launch the Settings on your home screen

Step 2. Next, tap on your Apple ID banner.

Step3. Now, tap on the iCloud option

Step 4. Find Messages option and toggle the switch next to it to ON position.

Note: You might be asked to enable Two-Factor Authentication feature if you haven’t already done it.

Now, make sure your iPhone is connected to a Wi-Fi hotspot so that all your messages can be synced with your iCloud account. The time for uploading your contents will depend on the number of chat conversation and attachments on your iPhone/iPad.

How To Enable Messages on iCloud in macOS High Sierra

The process to turn on Messages is as straightforward on macOS. When you want to stop syncing your iMessage with iCloud, you can easily disable it. There is an option to toggle it off on a particular device or for all devices. If you turn it on a device, the messages will sync with the cloud service.

Step 1. Open Messages app on your Mac and then click on Messages menu at the top left corner

Step 2. Select the Preferences option

Step 3. Click on Accounts tab in the Messages window.

Note: you will need to choose your iMessage account from the list and then check the box near “Enable this account,” if it has not yet.

Step 4. Next, check the box near “Enable Messages on iCloud.”


How to Disable Messages on iCloud on iOS 11.4

To disable messages on iCloud, simply follow the below steps

Step 1. Launch Settings app and tap on Apple ID banner → iCloud.

Step 2. Now, toggle the switch next to Messages to Off.

How to Disable Messages on iCloud in macOS High Sierra

Turning Messages on iCloud off on Mac isn’t a big deal either.

Step 1. Launch Messages app on your Mac and then click on Messages menu → Preferences → Account tab.

Step 2. Simply uncheck the box near Enable Messages on iCloud option.


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