iCloud Music Library Not Working? How to Reset It

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If you are an Apple Music subscribers, you must know iCloud Music Library. It allows you to store your music online and you can easily access on an Apple device. However, similar to other cloud services, there is still a chance it is messed up. If you are encountering problems with iCloud Music Library, here is how to reset it so that you can enjoy your favorite songs again.

When you need to reset iCloud Music Library

If you face any of issues with iCloud Music Library, it’s time to get the copy of your music to be resynchronized.

You should reset your library if there are tracks as “Apple Music” files instead of DRM-free files. But, before proceeding, you should ensure that you have already had a backup copy of your music library on your computer. Resetting your iCloud library will remove all songs you uploaded, purchased.

Solutions to reset iCloud Music Library

There are a few different ways to reset iCloud library that is to use the update method or manually remove songs from your iCloud. Both of these methods require iTunes installed on your Mac. Otherwise, you cannot reboot iCloud Music Library on your iOS device even when you can still disable it completely.

Method 1: Update iCloud Music Library

If you choose this method, you can update your iCloud Music Library by following these steps below:

  • Open iTunes software on your Mac
  • Click on File option
  • Move on to Library.
  • Click on Update iCloud Music Library section

Apple will start rescanning your songs and then categorize them exactly.

Method 2: Rescan iCloud Music Library

If the above method does not work, you should perform a manual rescan for your iCloud Music Library by removing everything inside it.

Note: All your local files are not affected, but you will delete Apple Music songs or albums that you have saved to your iCloud. So, you should do it at your own risk.

  • Open iTunes software on your Mac
  • Click on Music section from the drop-down menu of iTunes window
  • Click on the Library
  • Select Songs in the left column.
  • Choose all your music appearing in the Songs view. You can use the key shortcut: Command-A .
  • Hit the Delete button on the keyboard.

  • Select the Delete Itemsoption to get rid of songs from your iCloud Music Library. You can also click on Remove Downloads to move all your music to the trash than removing them from your iCloud.

You will see your Library is empty, and you need to re-fill it. If you want to sync Mac’s library again, you should update iCloud Music Library first and then wait for the process to complete. If you see a dialogue box asking whether you’d like to sync songs on your other devices, just click on Replace.

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