10 Tips to Extend the Battery Life of iPad Air and iPad Mini | Enhance and Improve your iPad Battery Life

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  • Have problems with the iPad Battery Life?
  • Think your iPad battery could last longer?
  • Selecting some tips to extend iPad battery Life  .

Top 10 Tips to care for and extend the iPad battery Life :

Apple has always boasted of excellent autonomy with which have all versions of iPad (up to ten hours of heavy use, say). However, with the constant updates of software and the passage of time may adversely affect the independence of our beloved tablet.


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iOS 7 marked a revolutionary change both in terms of design and software internally and as you will know in early versions of the same, autonomy was slightly impaired.

With the latest update, the iOS 7.1.1 version, it seems that everything is back to normal and that the autonomy of both the iPad and the iPhone has managed to stabilise. Still, we can always squeeze a little more battery of our devices and that is why OSXiOS Expert have decided to make a small list of some tips to increase the battery life on the iPad Air, iPad Mini Retina and all others with iOS 7 .


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Disable automatic updating apps

One of the innovations that brought iOS 7 is the ability to update applications installed on our iPad or iPhone automatically. This requires that our device is connected to a WiFi network and although it is a great choice if you want to save battery, it is best that you disable automatic updates iOS 7 by going to Settings – General – Update on second plane .

Go easy on the brightness of the screen

The screens of the Air and iPad Mini iPad Retina, have a powerful screen brightness , however, it is advisable not to make excessive use of it your eyes as much as the iPad battery could be harmed. That’s why we suggest you open the new iOS 7 Control Center  (sliding your finger from bottom to top) and configure to your liking the brightness of the screen (the ideal is that the bar is in the middle).


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Disable Auto Brightness iPad

This advice particularly relevant to the above. As you know, Apple devices are able to detect external to automatically calibrate the brightness conditions appropriate display for each situation. A good example of this is that if you’re in space with reduced light, the brightness of the screen of iPad will be reduced so that the contrast is not as damaging to your hearing.

This is definitely a good provision of iOS devices, but also carries an excessive battery usage. If you want to save battery with your iPad, turn off automatic brightness by going to Settings> Brightness and Wallpaper> Auto Brightness .


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Keep your clean multitasking

The iOS devices have a feature called multitasking. This feature allows you to use multiple applications at once without shutting each. This is a great feature of the iPad and iPhone, but there is no doubt that when we have 40 applications open in the background, the battery of our Air and iPad Mini iPad affected.

It is for this reason that I recommend that whenever possible you, reduce multitasking and also your iPad with iOS 7 is hilarious!


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Remember to give a respite to iPad

Although this advice seems obvious you both, it is important to rest the iPad whenever you are not going to use, as it will help preserve battery autonomy.

To put it to sleep, only you will have to press the sleep button (top button) or if you use one Smartcover or failing that, a Smartcase, simply close it and that you will help your iPad battery is more durable .



Get the iPad automatically locks

Obviously the sooner the iPad to lock after inactivity, consume less battery, plus it hardly consumes iOS battery when the device is idle. To change the frequency of automatic locking, we go to Settings> General> Auto Lock .


Disable Bluetooth

As you know, all the iPad functions that require the use of wireless connections consume a lot of battery and that’s why we must pay attention to special Bluetooth.

Bluetooth is a feature of the iPad that is used so rarely that whenever you do not need it, disable it. To do this, open the Control Center iOS 7 and click on the “Bluetooth” button to activate or deactivate.



Disable iPad location

Following a bit to the previous point, the location of the iPad also requires the use of wireless connections and if that’s you add the GPS system , our device’s battery can be severely impaired. So much so that we recommend that you disable the location choice of your iOS tablet whenever you are not going to use.

Take care of your battery

Because of the new technology lithium polymer battery iPad, it can be recharged even when it has 50% of the previous load. However, it is always recommended that at least once a month , we charge our iPad to 100% and wait till the battery completely before charging again to download. In this way, we will help calibrate the battery of our tablet and thus retain its durability.


The tenth is yours

After give you some tips on how to preserve and extend the autonomy of our iPad, and we’d love to comments, comparing your tricks and tips to extend iPad battery Life .

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