Apple is planning to Disclose iPhone 6, iOS 8, OSX 10.10 at WWDC 2014, June 2

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Apple will introduce a new version of iOS i.e iOS 8 on Monday. The first tangible evidence of this appeared today in Moscone West, which will host the conference WWDC 2014. Jay Yarov from Business Insider posted a photo of a promotional banner, which depicts a large white figure “8” on a blue background. Nothing concrete to say about this image can not be, but it is clear that stylistically iOS 8 remains close to the previous version of the operating system from Apple. Meanwhile, a few hours ago there was a video on YouTube, which can be clearly seen as the picture iPhone 6, which has repeatedly seen before, were used during testing of the projector. It seems incredible, but it looks like Apple is preparing to introduce a new generation of smart phones the day after tomorrow.



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It is understood that this video does not guarantee anything. However, such an early announcement of the iPhone 6 may mean a change in the company policy and the reduction of the annual cycle update their devices.

However, it will definitely be represented iOS 8, which is expected to receive a lot of innovations and exciting features. Thus, some argue that Apple finally implements widgets. The logic is simple: Android has widgets, Windows Phone has a “live” icons, so why do something like that can not appear in iOS 8?


In addition, with the release of Apple iOS 8 adds support for HD Audio. At this point, the application “Music” is not capable of reproducing high-quality 24-bit audio with a sampling frequency of more than 48 kHz. This move will require an update of kupertinovskoy line earbuds, and Lightning-cable. Perhaps a role to play in this newly acquired company Beats Electronics.


Unexpected was the news that in iOS 8, according to 9to5Mac, you may receive the multi-monitor mode. Option allows you to run two applications on the tablet screen, located in the landscape mode. In addition, the function allows the user to transfer data directly between the different applications, in particular, links, text, video or images. Multiple windows may be the first hint of the coming 12-inch iPad Pro, which is expected to release next year.

 In iOS 8 will be a number of new applications: Watch Utility to synchronise with “smart” clock Apple iWatch and Healthbook for storing personal user data on the state of the body: blood pressure, heart rate, physical activity, and more.



Will be updated many pre-installed applications, such as “Maps” and Siri. However, nobody knows whether the latest long-awaited support for Russian language.

8 together with iOS is expected to announce a new version of OS X 10.10 Yosemite. It is expected that the operating system will get a new design in a recognizable style flat and processed applications.



There is also a likelihood of the official announcement of the creation of its own mobile payment system iWallet and presentation of a new software platform “Smart House“, which allows using your iPhone to control lighting, security systems and appliances in the home. It is reported that Apple will cooperate with various household appliances manufacturers to launch products of these companies support the operating system iOS 8.

WWDC 2014 will be held on June 2 in San Francisco. Starting the event is scheduled for 21:00 Moscow time. OSXiOS Expert will traditionally follow the passage of the Worldwide Developers Conference, to report all updates to Apple, submitted that day.


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