Miss Personal Hotspot on iPhone/iPad? How To Fix It

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Many iOS users have recently found that “Personal Hotspot” has missed on their iPhone. It also happened to us, so we started digging in to find what had suddenly gone wrong.

Finally, we have discovered some tricks, and one of them might also save your day! Personal Hotspot will enable when you use a data network. It can effectively turn your iPhone/iPad into a Wi-Fi router, and nearby devices can connect to it to use the internet.

How To Fix Personal Hotspot Missing Issue In iOS 12

  1. Turn OFF and ON Cellular Data

The first thing you should do is giving cellular data a fresh restart. To do so, go to Settings → Cellular → Cellular Data and toggle the switch off.

Now, reboot your iPhone and then wait for a few minutes to turn cellular on. Personal Hotspot should now go back. If it hasn’t, you can move to the next solutions.

  1. Remove Previous APN Changes

If you have previously installed an APN certificate from websites like Unlockit, you can remove it and retry. Sometimes, these APN certificates might prevent the Personal Hotspot from working properly.

This solution is helpful for many iPhone users. To remove installed APN changes, simply head to Settings → General → Profile and then remove any APN certificate.

  1. Remove SIM, Restart, Insert SIM

Although it’s not a completely useful solution, sometimes Personal Hotspot appears magically. What you do is:

Remove the SIM tray using a toolkit → Restart your iPhone/iPad → Insert the SIM tray into your device again.

Wait for a few minutes and then navigate to Settings → General → Cellular turn off/ on data again. When turning back ON, scroll down and check if Personal Hotspot is visible.

  1. Update Carrier Settings If It’s Available

Carriers usually roll out new updates to fix the issues and improve the performance. So, you can check out if there is an update from the carrier that is pending.

Simply head to Settings → General → About. If there is one, you will see a prompt to update the carrier.


  1. Reset Network Settings

If you are still facing difficulty in getting rid of the issue, you can try the trusted solution that is to reset network settings. Since not everyone has time, so you might try resetting the network settings.

Go to the Settings app and tap on General → Reset → Reset Network Settings and confirm your selection.

  1. Update iOS

Before you start the software update, make sure that your iPhone/iPad battery is at least 50% and connects to a stable Wi-Fi. Then, go to Settings → General → Software Update. If there is an update available, simply download and install it right now.

  1. Contact Network Operator to Fix it

If everything still goes wrong, you should contact your network provider directly for a solution.

In some cases, you receive a link which prompts to install a profile on your iPhone/iPad. This will automatically enable Personal Hotspot after you install the profile certificate.

That’s much it!


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