Simple Ways To Open Terminal On Mac

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Terminal is a great utility to give commands on Mac, even when there are many intimidated by it. It’s not easy as typing in a sentence and your Mac will be responding. Before you can enter commands, you first have to open it, right? There are several ways to open; here are simple ways to launch Terminal on Mac.

Launch Terminal with Spotlight Search

The easiest way to open Terminal on Mac is to use Spotlight Search.

1) If there is a Spotlight Search button in the menu bar, simply click on it. Otherwise, you can press the Command + Space keys on the keyboard

2) Type in “Terminal”.

3) You will now see Terminal application under Top Hit of the results. Double-click on Terminal to open it.

Launch Terminal from Finder

First, you need to open Finder or make sure Finder is on the menu bar.

1) Click on Go > Utilities option.

2) In the Utilities folder, simply double-click on Terminal.

Open Terminal from Applications folder

If you are opening a Finder window, you can easily open Terminal from the Applications folder. To do so:

1) Click on Applications from the left side.

2)  Expand the Utilities folder by clicking on the arrow

3) Double-click on Terminal to open it.

Launch Terminal from Launchpad

With Launchpad, you can open Terminal in two ways, depending on whether you have organized your Launchpad.

By default, Launchpad has an Other folder that contains Terminal.

1) Open Launchpad from your Dock or simply press F4 to open it

2) Find out the Other folder and click on it

3) Select  Terminal and open it.

If you have accidentally removed the Other folder, you can still find Terminal with ease.

1) Open Launchpad from your Dock.

2) Type “Terminal” into the search box on the screen.

3) When you see Terminal icon, simply double click on it.

Launch Terminal using Siri

There is a super simple to way to open Terminal on Mac that is using Siri.

1) Simply click on Siri button from the menu bar or you can open Siri from the Applications folder.

2) Just say “Open Terminal” using your microphone.


Create a Terminal shortcut

If you usually use Terminal on your Mac, creating a shortcut and sticking it in your Dock is a good idea. Once the Terminal icon is already in your Dock, do the following.

1) Hold Control and then click on the Terminal icon in your Dock or right-click on it.

2) Mouse over Options from the pop-up menu.

3) Click on Keep in Dock.

These are ways to open Terminal on your Mac. Terminal is a specific tool for doing quick things on your Mac.

Got any question, let’s know in the comment below.


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