5 Things you Don’t Know your iPad Air and iPad Mini Can Do

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  • Define words by gestures or have control over security Internet through your fingers.
  • 5 “tricks” to help you do more with your iPad or iPad Mini.

5 Tricks you may not know and may help you to get more out of your iPad, iPad Air or iPad Mini

We have to admit that a very few people get to know 100% of all the secrets of an iPad or iPhone . The reasons are varied, but one of the main reason is that the operating system hides many things that are not easily recognizable so they often go unnoticed.

Enjoy Microsoft Office on iPad

In addition, updates to operating systems only serve to include new features and it’s not easy to know about all the functions of our iPad and a new version includes a handful of new features.

The same goes for the updates, they are good but some new functions can be discovered only by you . It had always made ​​me laugh that Apple presentations speaks about  5 or 6 new features and say about ” over 200 new features “. Where are the other 195?

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Joking aside, we want to show you  5 tricks for iPad that while many already know, others may not and may be useful to get more out of your iPad or iPad Mini.

Navigation with gestures

iPad is a touch device, its a truth and therefore has some extra functions,let say for example, if we touch the screen with multiple fingers. For example, if we sweep the screen with 4 fingers, we can switch between open applications like pulsáramos Home button twice.


Following the savings of using the Home button, if we do a pinch gesture with 4 fingers inside any application, we will automatically  switch to the home screen. To activate these gestures you have to go to Settings – General and select the option called ” Multitasking Gestures “.


Private Browsing in Safari iPad- Best iPad Feature

Also called Private Browsing, is one of the best form of security on web that can be achieved without having any advanced knowledge. Using the way, we can get rid of “Cookies” i.e third party, trackers or simply there will be no record of the pages visited on the history of iPad.


To activate it you must go to Settings – Safari and activate the option ” Do not track “. Another way is to go directly to the Safari browser and click the button ” Navigator Private ” that appears when we open any page or tab.

Find the meaning of words

I do not know if we have a director of the Royal Academy of Language among our readers, if so, I apologize for some spelling mistakes that I make, but the fact is that most of us know a lot of words. The iPad is able to look for us in much less time.


To use it you just have to select the word whose meaning you are searching for , and once highlighted, two options appear: copy or define. If we choose to define, the automatic definition is displayed out, if not, press and manage Spanish dictionary or download it. Now it will work perfectly.

Access guided

A lack of multiusers system as I have been praying for a couple of years ago, the fact is that iPad is normally used by several people in a family. In fact, many of your children will use it to study, play or watch videos. The guide can allow access control about what we can and can not do.


If we use it we must first activate it by going to Settings – General – Accessibility and at the bottom you will see an option that says ” Guided Access “. Entering inside this menu you can activate it and enter an unlock code for it . From this we get  an app through which other people can have access only to those buttons that are not blocked by us and cannot touch those files which are blocked.

Now, no one can use all parts of the screen and can exit the application without permission .

Split Keyboard – Best iPad Feature

Although the iPad has replaced the previous netbook, the truth is that they are not very much comfortable to write. We all have it in our head that QWERTY keyboard and buttons sinking feeling on our our fingers, but the iPad is radically different.

As it is not easy to write while holding a tablet of 9.7 “in the air. But to do it , Apple has included the option of splitting the keyboard.


To activate this feature you  just have to deploy the keypad and separate touchpad which Moses separating the river to help their friends escape from Pharaoh. We pull each finger to the side and go. This is how we make it easy to write.

These are the five tricks we wanted to show you today. As made ​​from News10, if you have more tricks like this, or any questions, please send us a comment .


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